Workshop 1

Dance Movement Psychotherapy in working with various populations *


Workshop coordinator: Dr. Jill Bunce, Derby University, UK

Language: English with Romanian translation

Date and time: Thursday, November 8th, 9:00-11:00

Location: Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, 90 Panduri Street, Sector 5, Bucharest

Workshop description

The social model of Dance Movement Psychotherapy enables interventions within a community context and activates changes in social and behavioural patterns.

It enables, through movement, ritual and attachment behaviour, changes in perception, relationships and maladaptive social patterns.

About the trainer

Dr. Jill Bunce has used dance as a community art form for many years, having graduating as a teacher and then attending the Laban Studio. She developed her career to establish an Undergraduate Programme at Derby University in 2000 which is now thriving.

She trained as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist in 1991-1995 at the Laban Centre and completed a piece of research which was published in the ‘Nameless Dread’, 2006.  In this book she completed a chapter on her work with Parkinson’s Disease.

She has worked as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist with many different vulnerable people and has worked with people with autism, learning disability, dementia, conduct disorder, addiction and older people and children from ages 3-15.  She gained her doctorate in 2008 on the development of a different ethos for Dance Education.

She has established a training course for Dance Movement  Psychotherapy at Derby University in 2010 and is now training postgraduates as Dance Movement Psychotherapists and has established a creative, dynamic and experiential course.

She has organised workshops and lectured in Finland, Russia, Greece, Romania, Spain and nationally for the Parkinson’s Disease Society, Specialist Nurses and for Schools and Colleges.

She completed, in 2012, a community research project with Staffs University and a dance consortium Dance 123 BID. This was an investigation into the responses to an Eating disorder and a creative response through performance and workshops with adolescents. This work has been published and has created a wide interest.



* Social workers participating in the workshop are eligible to receive 3 professional credits from the National College of Social Workers in Romania.


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