Keynote Speakers

Nino Žganec

Nino Zganec-picNino Žganec, Ph.D. is from Croatia where he finished his Social Work studies and obtained his PhD. Since 1991 he has worked at the Faculty of Social Work and currently he is Full Professor and Head of the Social Work Department at the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb. His writings, research interests and practice are in community social work, human rights and organization of social services. He introduced several new social work subjects in the curriculum of the social work study as e.g. ethics in social work, social work and human rights and other. Since 2015 he is the president of the European Association of Schools of Social Work and vice president of the International Association of Schools of Social Work. He was assistant minister and state secretary in the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare in the government of Republic of Croatia since 2000-2005. During his term in the office he initiated and led the reform of the Croatian social welfare system. He is the president of the Croatian Anti-Poverty Network and member of the Executive Committee of the European Anti-Poverty Network.


Karen Lyons

Karen-Lyons-1-900x523 Karen Lyons (PhD, CQSW) is an Emeritus Professor at London Metropolitan University (UK). Following experience in the field, she was a social work educator at University of East London where she developed award bearing courses in international social work. Her doctoral research (British social work education), together with experience in a European network, on the board of IASSW, and as the Editor of International Social Work, resulted in contributions to the development of social work education in a variety of countries in Europe and beyond. She continues to supervise and examine doctoral students and undertakes some writing and editing projects. Her most recent writing, on international labour mobility and transnational social work, echoes and extends earlier research activity in relation to the UK professional workforce.


Lars Uggerhøj

Lars-picLars Uggerhøj is a Full Professor of Social Work at Aalborg University, Denmark. He is an educated and experienced social worker and holds a PhD in social work. His research focuses on the experiences from and involvement of service users as well as power relations and actor perspectives in social work. His research approach is practice research and he has since 2008 published several articles and book chapters about this issue – as well as trying out different practice research approaches. He has published widely nationally and internationally. He has headed the Danish MSc in Social Science in Social Work for nine years. He has for 6 years been the Danish coordinator of the international Erasmus Mundus Programme ‘Master in Advanced Development in Social Work’ and will coordinate the whole programme from 2019. He is the Danish coordinator of the ‘Nordic master in Social Work and welfare’- another international master programme in social work. He coordinates the ‘Practice Research and Service User Perspectives’ research network, the Nordic ‘Knowledge production in Social Work’ research network, the ‘Nordic/Baltic Doctoral Network in Social Work’ and is convenor of ‘The Special Interest Group in Practice Research’ in the European Social Work Research Association. He has been visiting professor at Boston University, USA, full visiting professor at Helsinki University, Finland and currently at University of Lincoln, UK.